NuVision Partners LLC was founded in 2008 by Curt and Sheroma Funke. We have a passion to pursue our dream of owning a business together. The “NuVision” is to live the dream and to make it happen. We have always wanted to create a business with an emphasis on spending more time together, and enjoying life. We are going to use all our skills, talents, and creativity to build this new business, and hopefully have a lot of fun along the way.

Sheroma and Curt were high school sweethearts. They grew up in Kirtland, Ohio and got married in 1975 while still in college. Curt graduated in 1977 from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Packaging Design and a minor in Printing. Sheroma graduated from Sawyer College with a degree in Business Administration. We have two handsome boys Aaron and Josh and our new daughter-in-law Robyn.

Curt has worked for a variety of large and small companies for the past 31 years. He started his career as a Packaging Designer for International Paper and recently left his position at Alberto Culver as Vice President of Global Purchasing and Packaging. Curt comes from a family of talented artists and has a twin brother that also paints ( He is going to pursue his dream of becoming a professional painter and designer.

Sheroma has always enjoyed taking pictures of our family and our adventures. She has a passion for photography and is pursuing her dream of doing this full time. She is in the process of growing her skills through education, practice, and time. Her general interest in subject matter includes gardens, landscapes, and nature. She is looking forward to taking more photographs and continues to grow her portfolio.

Together, we plan to do shows and sell our paintings, photography, and prints. Who knows where this will take us!